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Charles E. Lakin's Vision 2008

"My Vision is to provide a place where all children and families in need can find assistance, resources and training to better enable them to become productive and contributing citizens."


The Charles E. Lakin Foundation’s vision is for our community to be an environment that fosters opportunity for all.


Our mission is to fund programs and organizations in Southwest

Iowa and Greater Omaha that help people in need overcome adversity, restore dignity and ultimately transform their lives. We empower adults, children and families to be productive and contributing citizens by providing funding

within three core focus areas:

     1.  Children and families

     2.  Education and training

     3.  Economic resilience

Impact Areas

Children and Families – Providing assistance to children and families in crisis or need.

Education and Training – Supporting schools, teachers, researchers and providing scholarships for students.

Economic Resilience – Helping citizens overcome adversity and regain long-term self-sufficiency.

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